Elections 2022

About us

Our candidacy is made up of members of the CGT-CELLS union section, colleagues from CELLS who are organized and want to work for the common good.

Why a section? Why an union?

The union section is a collective action tool formed by the group of affiliates and has full autonomy in its operation. The CGT union, with experience in many institutions and companies, provides us with support, advice, infrastructure and facilitates coordination with other groups and worker representatives.

How does the section work?

The center of decision is located in the assembly of affiliates. We are a solid, numerous and experienced group that have functioned as an assembly since the Section was established in 2009. We meet regularly to discuss issues and specific cases of the synchrotron’s labor reality, and make decisions on the forms of intervention that we consider more appropriate.


Because we believe that our way of working has given good results. There are several examples in which the action of workers and representatives has made it possible to set limits and improve the results of the negotiations that we have had to face during our stay in the CE.

Because we have learned. We entered with great enthusiasm and desire to work. Over the years we have been building the infrastructure that allows us to function and we have acquired an experience that must be preserved. On the other hand, we are convinced that it is good that there is rotation and the presence in the CE is not professionalized, and for this reason we have created a candidacy that combines new faces with members of the current CE

Because we have built an infrastructure that provides us with good legal and technical advice. And we want to make the most of it in the service of the interests of all the workers in our center. Likewise, we have been forging relationships with other representatives of the workers in the area (UAB, HP, APPLUS, etc.) and this allows us to network and take advantage of the experiences of our neighbors, as well as giving each other mutual support when necessary.

Because we want to continue promoting that the role of the CE action is in the hands of the workers, ensuring that those affected are the ones who make the decisions and promote their direct participation in the negotiations with the Management, whenever possible. We have not signed and will NEVER sign any agreement that is not endorsed by those affected


Participation of the Workers

We have always tried to keep the staff informed of important issues. And before establishing the position of the CE on the different issues that we have been working on, we have called meetings with those affected. We have never made decisions outside or against what the workers have stated.


As we all know, the workers of this center are affected by a high rate of temporary employment. Most of the current workforce has a temporary contract. This type of hiring promotes the precariousness of the workers of the center, creates insecurity and makes our colleagues not feel integrated with all the guarantees within the company.


It remains one of our priorities. We continue to believe that it is very important to promote gender equality within our laboratory.

We want to continue insisting that:

  • The gender pay gap is eliminated: equal responsibility, equal pay
  • There is parity in management positions
  • Hiring ratios by gender are met
  • Introduce measures to promote co-responsibility in family care
  • Information is provided to monitor compliance with the above points.

Work to guarantee the safety of the Workers

Year after year, the work of CGT-CELLS in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention (ORP) has made it possible to make important advances in the safety of CELLS. Based on insisting and investing many hours and energy, many preventive measures have been incorporated, and procedures have been improved.

We have acted constructively, pointing out the aspects to be corrected and proposing specific measures to do so, technically arguing our observations. To be in a position to do so, the CGT-CELLS Prevention Delegates have attended several training actions organized by the Generalitat de Catalunya in matters of occupational health and safety, investing many union hours in our technical training.


Transparency in business management is one of the most important objectives of the section, since it is an essential condition to achieve many others.

To give an example, currently in the CELLS salary table there are almost as many boxes with a different base salary as there are workers on the staff. In addition, the definition of professional categories is very abstract and does not include objective elements. Therefore, the classification of the template is quite arbitrary.

Prepare the Negotiations and Monitor the Application of the different Agreements and Regulations

At CGT-CELLS we have attached great importance to the preparation of the negotiation and the analysis of the final proposals and texts with our lawyers, with the aim of defending the interests of the affected workers in the best possible way, knowing the implications , consequences and legal framework of what is intended to be regulated.

Prevention of harassment at work

Unfortunately, workplace bullying situations are much more common than you might think.

CELLS is no exception: throughout the history of the project, several people have suffered harassment at different times, even needing medical assistance and causing sick leave.

At CGT we have dealt with these issues, we have trained and we have supported the people who have been in this situation. At CGT-CELLS we work and will work so that the prevention of harassment is a real priority in the company beyond paper. So that prevention, protection of victims, repair of damage and assumption of responsibilities are the real objectives, instead of suppression and silence of the scandal.


As an union we have a clear and consolidated project. Our priority has always been and will be to look after everyone’s interests. We take your trust very seriously. We want to continue giving a voice to all workers, offering clear and transparent trade union action.

Your support is essential to be able to carry out our mission and to be able to continue working on what we believe in. Obviously, there are many more issues to work on, but we wanted to comment on the most important ones and explain a small sample of our project.

Now it’s your turn to decide. Don’t let others decide for you.

We are stronger together